We are:



Stephanie Rousso 

Stephanie is a permanent resident in La Paz. She has held various positions within both state and private institutions directed towards environmental conservation. She is currently obtaining her second Master’s Degree from CICIMAR (Centro de Investigaciones Ciencias del Mar) and runs her own nonprofit. Stephanie has been living and working in Mexico for the last seven years, running exchange programs that provide cultural immersion with Mexican and American students who are studying marine biology. She has immersed herself in the local research community, and has been the primary contact between various stakeholders, all of whom are directly relevant towards the development of this operation. Aside from the core development of our project, Stephanie will continue her set curriculum at our field site, integrating the production aspect with research and development. Her role in the nonprofit sector will ensure community involvement, as well as our project's contribution to viable research objectives.

Brandon Rus 

Brandon Rus has recently earned his Masters in Professional Science from the University of Miami. For the last three years he has dedicated both his academic and professional pursuits towards developing the foundation for this operation. Prior to attending graduate school, Brandon lived and worked in Baja California, spending considerable time in various rural fishing communities, and working as an associate biologist at a pelagic aquaculture operation. Afterwards, he directed his graduate studies towards the development of sustainable aquaculture, traveling throughout Latin America to familiarize with various types of alternatives to unsustainable fishing. His thesis investigated the viability of collecting an invasive algae species in Southern California, focusing on the political and economic perspectives behind marine conservation initiatives. His connections within the communities of Baja California, his fluency in Spanish, and his familiarity with environmentally conscientious business approaches will be the core to the systematics required to develop and run this operation.