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Brandon Rus


Brandon Rus is a marine biologist from Southern California. He has spent time amongst various rural fishing communities in Baja California, and worked as an associate biologist at a pelagic aquaculture operation in La Paz.

He obtained his Masters degree from the University of Miami, studying the development of sustainable aquaculture - traveling throughout Latin America to investigate alternatives to unsustainable fishing. His thesis addressed the viability of harvesting invasive algae species in Southern California, focusing on the political and economic perspectives behind marine conservation initiatives.

He currently lives full time in San Jose del Cabo, managing the development of Conserva Collective.



Taylor Anne Adams

(Director of Operations)

Taylor Anne Adams has a background in strategic project management and operational development. Currently based in Southern California, she has worked in film, television and mass media in both New York City and Los Angeles. Her expertise is establishing partnerships between brands, investors and the community.

Ms. Adams has been involved in philanthropic endeavors since high school and has led campaigns for national and worldwide organizations. She has a passion for developing mission-driven corporations and believes in creating joint ventures between commerce and conservation.



Stephanie Rousso

(Director of Research)

Stephanie Rousso has held various research positions directed towards environmental conservation in the United States and in Mexico. She received her Masters degree from CICIMAR (Centro de Investigaciones de Ciencias Marinas), while operating exchange programs that provided opportunities for students and travellers to study marine conservation in the field.

In addition to research, she runs her own non profit, Alianza Keloni, which aims to incorporate citizen science into her thesis work on sea turtle conservation. Stephanie’s role in Conserva Collective includes ensuring sustainable resource management for our products through monitoring the biodiversity of field sites, as well as integrating our efforts with local institutions and researchers.



Michelle Greenstate

(Director of Production)

Michelle Greenstate has been a resident of Baja California Sur for twenty-five years, spending the majority of her time living and surfing in the East Cape. She has learned the biodiversity of Baja’s unique landscape and has become an expert in the local flora and fauna.

While working with local women, she created a boutique soap-making company that incorporates hand-picked ingredients and provides jobs locally. For the last two decades her soaps have developed a reputation in the local region for their quality and integrity.