Our Story




We are inspired by the ocean and its inhabitants. We are inspired by the people who depend on it. And we are inspired by those who have dedicated themselves to conserving it.

As a team, we grew up  learning to appreciate the ocean - in the classroom, in the field, and in the community. We have dedicated ourselves to understand the complexities behind environmental management and marine conservation. As we grew, our studies turned into research, and our research exposed us to the most pristine marine ecosystems imaginable, as well as some of the most effective by human activity. We have spent time in the communities that rely on these pristine environments more, and who are at most at risk of change. This is where we learn most.

As we grew up to become marine biologists, we look back to the journey we took, and are humbled by the experiences we had. As students, researchers, and travelers, we were able to develop our understanding on how to implement sustainable solutions to marine conservation. This is why La Duna is designed to incorporate everyone who wants to participate in our efforts. We know from experience that any contribution made not only the environment, but the individual who put in the effort to contribute.