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We work with local  communities to establish environmental restoration projects, empowering individuals to learn from and appreciate our oceans. 


Conserva Collective works with rural communities to discover more sustainable sources of income, relieving pressure on the environment from overfishing, and empowering individuals as innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Our efforts are focused on harvesting and utilizing sargassum through various projects. Sargassum is a type of algae that is found globally, and washes up in great abundance. It is abundant, easily accessible, and high in nutrients, but there has yet to be a market developed with it.  

We harvest sargassum from selected field sites along the Baja Peninsula, incorporating the local community, students, and volunteers, as part of a citizen science project that promotes the education of the marine ecosystem. 

The projects we’ve developed utilizes sargassum in a variety of ways - all of which are correlated to a local business or community project. We believe that through the sales of the products we create, and from outside engagement, we have the opportunity to generate a self sustaining marine conservation initiative. 


Harvesting Sargassum  

La Duna Cento Ecologico
24°14’31.6"N 110°35'21.0"W

The projects we are creating depend on the use of sargassum. We harvest this seaweed from various field sites along the coast of Baja California, where it washes up in abundance. This seaweed is becoming increasingly invasive, and there have yet to be use for it to be collected.



Soap Production

Desert Soaps
23.0515°N 109.4216°W

We use sargassum as an ingredient for soap with a local manufacturer in San Jose del Cabo. The seaweed is used as an exfoliant, as well as a skin-replenishing ingredient. Our soaps are handmade, all natural, and contain locally sourced oils and botanicals.




Biodynamic agriculture + building

23.2653°N 109.4728°W

We have aligned our efforts with a neighboring agricultural community, working with volunteers to compost sargassum, as well as use it as a building material for adobe structures. This projects, we believe, can serve as prototypes for larger scale projects through out the region.