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Conserva Collective works alongside research groups, non-profits, and institutions.

As a team, our primary focus is to develop projects that monitor and conserve the coastline of Baja California, while developing sustainable business endeavors for local communities.  


Planeta Libre Expeditions is an ecotourism company led by a team of certified naturalists based out of La Paz. They are experts in biodiversity and conservation, and their expeditions provide travelers a unique glimpse into the natural world of Baja California. 

Through their experiences, they implement innovative philosophies that pursue a balance between anthropogenic activities and the planet we inhabit.


Alianza Keloni is a Mexican non-profit that conducts scientific research through citizen science projects. They incorporate travelers and students into longterm monitoring projects that provide information shared in a global database, allowing conservationists to better assess the status of our marine environment. 

They also work directly with rural fishing communities to encourage ecotourism initiatives, sustainable aquaculture, and recycling projects.