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Empowering coastal communities through connected oceans





The Gulf of California is one of the most diverse seas on the planet, home to thousands of species of organisms. Here there are hundreds of islands, many of which are significant nesting sites for seabirds, and nursing grounds for migratory and endemic marine species. For centuries the Gulf has beckoned explorers, authors, and scientists, inspired by the ruggedness of its remote coastlines.

Today the Gulf is in peril. Unsustainable fishing - including the use of gill nets and bottom trawling - are destroying many of the coastal ecosystems. The fishing communities who have depended on these waters for survival are now on the brink of collapse, and are in need of alternative forms of income to support their families.

Conserva Collective works alongside these communities to create alternative sources of income, on projects that contribute to marine conservation initiatives. We believe that by empowering individuals to learn from and appreciate our environment, we can position these communities as innovators and entrepreneurs, all while working towards the protection of our marine environment.




We are inspired by the ocean and its inhabitants. We are inspired by the people who depend on it. And we are inspired by those who have dedicated themselves to conserving it.


Agua Verde is remote fishing community situated on the coast of the sea of Cortez. Overfishing and poorly enforced regulations have affected their ability to support themselves and they are now seeking alternative sources of income as a means of survival.

San Jose del Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja peninsula - in close proximity to major tourism developments and pristine tropical desert landscapes. The botanicals used in our products are sourced here, and it is where we produce our soaps.

La Paz is the epicenter for research in marine biology. There are various universities and institutions here that work towards implementing and promoting projects in marine conservation.